Lead Valley Repairs

Valley Repairs and felting in Waterford
We repair all types of roof valleys including lead flashing and copper flashing. We do complete replacement and repairs or refurbishment of the original valley. We use only the finest materials on the market to ensure that you as our customer get the best service possible. All our work is fully guaranteed. Covering all of Waterford.


The valley of a roof is where the course of the roof changes, It directs the rainfall safely away off your roof to your guttering, ensuring that no water pooling occurs or leaking. When you are having problems with a leaking or seeping valley we can refurbish, replace or fix the leaking valley. It is important that you keep your valleys in good condition as the smallest leak can lead to massive internal flooding in your home.


Aging tiles or slates have seen better days, snow and thunder storms. Over time, your roof will dry out, shrink and crack. This will of course allow water to seep through your roof into your home. The most popular way of securing a water proof valley is to use metals such as lead or copper. Whether its tiles or slates we use reliable techniques, giving you a superior quality repair that we will guarantee.


Roof valleys funnel water and debris safely away into your gutters. When debris such as leaves and branches build up in your roof valleys, the water cannot pass quickly down and will eventually find its way in through your roof. Make sure you clean your roof at least twice a year to clear away this debris. We provide a free maintenance and inspection service for roof valleys.

Guttering Repairs and Installation Waterford

Guttering Installation and Repairs Waterford

Guttering Fascia and Soffit Repairs and Installation Waterford

We provide clients with a comprehensive guttering installation. Guttering upgrade and gutter repair service. Our guttering services are available to clients in Waterford.
A properly maintained and installed water drainage system is essential to the integrity of a roof. Pooling water can cause extensive damage to wood and to slates. This damage can lead to leakages and even extensive timber replacements if left untreated.
Guttering, that has become clogged with organic material can begin to have an ugly fungi that can dis-colour a building’s guttering and paintwork, spoiling its exterior look. Superior Roofing & Building Contractors are available to repair broken or leaking guttering, along with removing any blockages that can cause water to pool.

To have us repair or install guttering on your property, get in contact with Superior Roofing & Building Contractors today.

Guttering Installation and Repairs WaterfordGuttering Services Provided include: Downpipes, Cladding, uPVC Fascias and uPVC Soffits in all area’s of Waterford.


We specialise in providing clients with a comprehensive range of guttering services that cover everything from new guttering installations to extensive gutter repairs. Our service includes the repair and installation.

Our installation service works closely with the customer in selecting just the right guttering to match the unique aesthetic of their property. With Superior Roofing & Guttering services clients don’t  compromise on style or .

Extensions Roofing and Repairs

Roofing Extensiopn fascia and soffit replacement Waterford

Extensions Roofing and Roof Repair Waterford.

Superior Roofing & Building Contractors provides clients with a full range of extension services. We’re available to offer our complete turnkey extension building service to clients in Clare, Galway, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, and Limerick.

In our over 30 years of professional service, we’ve developed a reputation for speed, quality and competitive pricing of our extensions. We simplifying the process making your roofing experience a simple one.

Straight forward plans for the customer to approve of before beginning the extension. Our team of experienced tradesmen specialise in all aspects of the extension process. We allocate carpenters for all 1st and 2nd pass carpentry along with dedicated roofers and professional builders. This emphasis on efficient man power allocation avoids any unnecessary delays and has your extension built quickly and to the high standards, our customers have come to expect.

We can design and build an extension on your property, get in contact with Superior Roofing & Building Contractors today.

Our Extension Service

Our unique extension building is a complete turnkey service. After one phone call, we can provide the designs, the man power and the finishing touches to your extension.
If your looking for a new sun rooms, conservatories or room extensions, we take care of everything for the customer. We keep the customer involved throughout all stages of the building. Our allocation of proper resources means the build can be completed quickly – minimising disruption to a household – and to the very highest of professional standards.

Flat Roof Repair and Installations

Flat Roof Repairs Waterford

Flat Roof Repair and Installations Waterford. All Roof and Roofing Repairs Waterford City and County Felt Roofing Installations Roofing Services Waterford A long term and durable solution, Felt roofing is highly durable, suitable for any size of flat roofs.

Felt Roofing Waterford

Felt Roofing Installations

Roofing Services Waterford

A long term and durable solution, Felt roofing is highly durable, suitable for any size of flat roof and can be applied in a range of ways to flat and curved roof tops. Felt roofing is a highly tried and approved flat roof covering, which typically consists of multiple layers finished in a waterproof coating that will keep your property dry for years in Waterford City and County.


Torch felt roofing, is an important part in successful felt roofing is the quality of the installation. With years of experience and skill to get a really great finish that looks not only good but will be waterproof and durable for many years. We pride ourselves in offering some of the highest quality felt roof installations across Waterford.


Whether applying felt to flat or pitched roofs, the material offers a range of benefits which include: Adapts and suitable to any size of roof, Very durable and long lasting in Irish weather, Suitable for flat, pitched and curved roofing structures, Can be cold or hot applied, Brilliant solution for small areas like garages and sheds.

Call the Expert Roofers in Waterford First

With years of torch felt roofing experience on our team, we work only to the highest quality standards for customers across Waterford. We always adhere to safety regulations and we back our work with a 30 year guarantee!!!